Town Appointed Positions


The Town Accountant is appointed by the Selectboard and maintains the general ledger and records of all receipts and expenditures of the town. Responsibilities include monitoring expenses against budgetary amounts. Duties include preparing reports and providing informatin to town departments and boards and compliance with state financial reporting requirements.

Agricultural Commission

The Agricultural Commission is responsible to address and represent agricultural issues and interests in the Town of Leyden. The Selectboard appoints a ten member commission with rotating three year terms. At least five members of the Commission shall be engaged in the business of farming or related agricultural industries. The duties and responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:
  1. Advising the Board of Selectman, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Board of Health and Historic Commission on projects, activities, transactions and acquisitions involving agricultural lands in Town;
  2. Engaging in projects and activities to promote the business of farming, farming activities and traditions, and farmland protection in Town including educational programs and community events; and,
  3. Reporting to Town Meeting on its projects and activities on an annual basis.

Building Commissioner

The Building Commissioner enforces the zoning bylaws for the Town of Leyden. All building permit applications are processed through the Franklin County Cooperation Inspection Program at 425 Main Street (the Court House) in Greenfield.

Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is appointed by the Selectboard and consists of five members. The commission is responsible for overseeing the protection and preservation of the town's wetlands and natural resources. Any construction, building, or project which may potentially affect a wetland or natural resouce in town must be approved through the Conservation Commission.

Council on Aging

The Council on Aging is appointed by the Selectboard and meets on the first Thursday of each month in the fellowship hall of the Leyden United Methodist Church. The council is focused on serving the 55 year and older population of Leyden. Monthly meetings serve a lunch and have a variety of interesting speakers or presentations.

Cultural Council

The LCC is a volunteer organization, appointed by the Selectboard, that receives funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Annually we review grant applications from individuals, schools, and organizations for arts, humanties and the interpretive science projects that provide a local public benefit.

Some Facts About Cultural Councils
  • State funds are provided to every Massachusetts community to support grassroots cultrual activities-that's 329 LCCs serving 351 cities and towns.
  • In Fiscal Year 2005, LCCs awarded approximately $2 million in grants and funded more than 4,000 projects.
  • 2,600 private citizen volunteers donate countless hours to administer the LCC Program in their communities.
  • Almost half of LCC funds support educational activities for children in the arts, humanities and sciences.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of five members appointed by the Moderator. The committee works with the Selectboard to review annual budget requests. Once these requests have been reviewed, the committee makes annual budget recommendations to the town residents at annual town meetings.

Historical Commission

According to Title II, Chapter 40, Section 8D of the Massachusetts General Laws, the Commission is established once the Town has accepted the section. The Town voted to accept this section at the annual meeting in 1974. The Commission consists of three to seven members appointed by the Selectboard.

What we do:
We are the town agency responsible for ensuring that preservation concerns are considered in community planning and development decisions. As advocates of local preservation we are also a resource for information about historical resources and preservation activities. We work with the Massachusetts Historical Commission and other agencies to help insure that distinctive and important characteristics of Northfield are preserved and that new developments are compatible. The Commission is the conduit through which any local sites are passed that are submitted for National Register consideration. Please also visit the Historical Commission website.

Municipal Assistant

The Municipal Assistant is appointed by the Selectboard and manages the daily operations of the town. Implementing and administering a wide range of policies and programs which come before the Selectboard, the Municipal Assistant researches and provides background for policy decisions, serves as liason between the Selectboard's office and other town departments, as well as with State and other Municipal offices and the general public; contacts Town Counsel with the approval of the Board, prepares bid specifications for goods and services; and assists with the budget and prepares grant applications. The Municipal Assistant prepares the Annual Town Meeting warrants and the Annual Town Reports under the guidance of the Selectboard.

Open Space and Recreation Committee

The Open Space and Recreation Committee works to design and implement the town's Open Space and Recreation Plan. This plan outlines the town's demographics, topography, wildlife, recreation areas and protected wetlands. A new plan was adopted at town meeting on May 14, 2011. Members are appointed by the Selectboard.

Recreation Committee

The Leyden Recreation Committee sponsors recreation events of the town. They oversee the rental for the town pavilion at Avery Ballfield. Members are appointed by the Selectboard.


Overall, the Treasurer serves as a municipality's cash manager. In this role, the treasurer maintains custody of all municipal funds and possesses responsibility for the deposit, investment and disbursement of these monies. The treasurer must administer the municipality's resources to ensure the availability of adequate liquid assets to pay obligations as they become due. In addition, the treasurer plays a principal role in municipal borrowing, manages tax title accounts and superintends tax foreclosure proceedings.

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals is comprised of five members appointed by the Selectboard. The ZBA reviews and acts on applications for variances and appeals to denied special permits.