Elected Positions


The Board of Assessors is elected, consists of three members and employs an Assessor's Clerk. The role of the Assessors is to appraise all properties, keep current property records and assist the town in forming fair and accurate tax assessments.

Board of Health

The Board of Health consists of three elected members. The Board performs duties relative to the protection of the environment from damage and pollution. Mandated duties include health care and disease control; enforcement of housing and dwelling codes; monitoring of and providing for hazardous waste disposal; enforcement of Title 5; investigating nuisances which may be injurious to health; enforcing the State Sanitary code involving food service establishments and enforcing the State Environmental Code regarding safety and sanitation of pools and beaches. The current schedule of BOH fees can be seen here. The current septic regulations can be seen here. The current private well regulations can be seen here. Information on having ticks tested can be seen here.

Board of Selectmen

The Board of Selectmen consists of three elected members. Selectboard members are the Chief administrative officers of the Town, and have general supervision over all matters that are not specifically delegated by law, or by Town Meeting, to another officer or board. Generally, Boards of Selectmen, under State law, have the power to prepare Town Meeting warrants; the power to make appointments to Town boards, committees, and offices; the power to employ administrative staff and Town Counsel; the power to sign warrants for the payment of Town bills; and the authority to grant licenses and permits. Selectboards also have charge of the Town Police Dept., Fire Dept., and the Public Works Dept.


Person or persons elected as chief law enforcement officers of the Town; maintain public order, distribute Town Meeting Warrants, and carry out the orders of the Selectmen and the courts.

Fence Viewers

Persons elected to see that legal fences are built and maintained; they may also mediate disputes over fences at boundaries.

Field Drivers

Persons elected to take animals that are stray or loose to the pound.

Library Trustee

Person or persons elected to participate as a member of a team to protect the interests of the broader community by effectively governing the operations and promoting the development of the local public library.


Person elected to act as Chairperson of, and regulate the conduct of, Town Meetings, ensuring fair proceedings.

Planning Board

The Planning Board consists of five elected officials, each serving a five year term. The Planning Board maintains the town's zoning bylaws and subdivision regulations. It reviews and decides on special permit applications. The board prepares and presents any zoning by law amendments at public hearings and for recommendation at Town Meeting.

Pound Keepers

Person or persons elected to maintain the Town's pound, and the stray animals contained therein, that are picked up by the Field Drivers.

Tax Collector

The Tax Collector is a three year, elected position. The collector sends out quarterly tax bills and excise tax bills. Once bills have been sent, the collector is responsible for collection and processing of all the taxes for the town.

Town Clerk

The Town Clerk is elected for three years and is primarily in charge of recording votes, issuing licenses and permits, collecting vital statistics, and serving as recording officer and custodian of valuable municipal records. The clerk issues birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, and burial permits. The Town Clerk is also in charge of issuing dog licenses and business licenses for the town.

In addition, the Town Clerk oversees all elections and preparation of ballots, records and certifies all town meeting votes, and files all bylaw or zoning bylaw changes to the AG's Office. All elected and appointed town officials are sworn in by the Town Clerk.

Tree Warden

Person elected who cares for shade trees on public Town lands such as parks, Town commons, public streets and roads, schools, and Town forests.